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  • We Open this year from Saturday 25th November 2023 until the Saturday 23rd December 2023.

During this time, We are open the following times – Monday Tuesday Wednesday 10:00-17:00  Thursday – Friday 10:00-18:00  Saturday – Sunday 9:00-17:00

We offer you the chance to;

  • Visit and walk amongst our plantations and select your own Christmas Tree
  • Choose from pre-harvested Christmas Trees, displayed on our sales yard
  • If you would like to cut down or dig up your own tree – Please remember to bring all the necessary equipment.
  • Due to health & safety we do not allow the use of any type of “Power” saws on site, by the genral public or customers.

Please keep in mind that, we are now unable to cut trees on demand on the day, but can offer to cut these down for collection at a later convenient date. 

With 40 years plus as Shropshire’s leading Christmas tree retailer, we want our customers to enjoy looking for their real Christmas tree.

At Leaton Forest we have a huge variety of trees, both ready harvested in the sales yard, or out in the plantations where you may harvest your own. 

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Reasons to love Leaton trees

We have been growing Christmas trees for 65 years and retailing for 40 years, retailing 2,000+ trees per annum.

We are members of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association and adhere to BCTGA standards.

We only start cutting our trees at the end of November and then only by demand.

We care about the environment. We replace every Christmas tree we remove, ensuring that there is no net increase in carbon emissions.

Early bird

For the best selection come sooner rather than later to choose your tree. We would advise that any trees over 10 foot or 3.0 meters in height are ordered in advance.

Caring for your tree

Providing the tree is kept in water and taken out of its net, it will last best if kept outside (but away from frost) until 7-10 days before Christmas. Inside, keep as far away from direct heat sources, and use a water holding stand.

Pick or cut?

Pick your tree from those ready-cut in the Leaton Forest yard or bring a saw to cut down your own.

If you want to choose yours from the forest but haven't brought a saw, one of our staff can cut down your tree. A £10 fee applies.

Christmas trees

You'll know your perfect Christmas tree when you see it. We grow six varieties of Christmas trees so there's something for everyone.

Norway Spruce, from £20

The traditional Christmas tree. It is bushy and it is easy to hang decorations on the many branches. When purchased with roots it has the highest transplant success rate.

Nordman Fir, from £25

This is the most popular tree sold over the last few years at Leaton and across the UK. The tree is a dark green and well branched with silver underside to the soft needles; it  also has the most uniform shape.

Douglas Fir, from £25

Very bushy with soft aromatic needles. Very popular in USA and Canada where it is indigenous. In limited supply.​

Fraser Fir, from £25

Has a similar shape Nordman Fir but narrower form and different needle formation.

Korean Fir, from £25

Similar colour to Nordman. Very good branch formation.

Noble Fir, from £25

More horizontally branched than the other firs. Beautiful silvery blue needles. Limited supply.


Getting your tree home

Delivery can be arranged but we need to know as early as possible due to it being our busiest time of year. You can either:

  • Come down and choose your own and ask a member of staff about delivery or
  • Fill in the enquiry / contact form below and we will contact you to discuss

Come and see us

The Christmas Tree Barn
Leaton Forest
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Opening times

We will be open every day between 25rd November – 23rd December 2023

Monday – Wednesday
10:00 – 17:00

Thursday & Friday
10:00 – 18.00

Saturday and Sunday
9:00 – 17:00